Welcome to the new site of the Thomas Morus Praesidium! On this site, you can find info about the praesidium members and upcoming events. You can also find information about renting the BOX to host your own parties.

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The Praesidium

Andreas Weckx


Wouter Van Praet


Team schachtenmeesters

Fabiaan Joossens

Anke Rens

Marieke Brughmans

Team activities

Josse Huybrechts

Amber Vereerstraeten

Filip Keppens

Johanna Joossens

Iris Moortgat

Emma Vandenbergh

Team party

Simon Willems

Eline Vrolix

Anton Gordts

Team BOX

Brent Janssens

Kevin Biermans

Dries Herman

Team international

Toon Verbist

Olivier Staumont

Sander Switsers

Team sport

Gilles Van Gestel

Wout Lenaerts

Team IT

Jannes Lathouwers


Chilling in The Box

The Box is open every sunday at 10pm. So come chill with us and enjoy a cold beer or soft drink for €0.50. For the more adventurous among us, you can try the Meter.

Renting The Box

Do you want to organize a party, rehearse with your band, or do you want to play some games without disturbing the people in your hallway? Then it is possible to rent the box. There are three formulas you can choose from:


€ 10

  •  Price  € 0
  •  Warranty  € 10
  • You’ll get a grill from us and you can use the tables outside of the Box.


€ 15

  •  Price  € 0
  •  Warranty  € 15
  • This is the quick formula to prevent that your kitchen will be ruined by spontaneous beer pong tournaments or meetings.



  •  Price  € --
  •  Warranty  € --
  • In accordance with the manager we have decided that renting the box for parties is no longer possible.

If you wish to rent The Box, please contact a member of Team Box, they will check if the requested date is still available and prepare your contract. For more information, you can send an email to box@thomasmorus.be.

Note: The Box can only be rented by Thomas Morus residents.


The 'METER' is a challenge of Thomas Morus. To complete the challenge, you have to drink the 10 things listed below in 5 minutes or less and not throw up!

If you complete the challenge, your score will be posted on the website and you will gain eternal fame and hangovers!

  • 1. Beer
  • 2. Jenever (Apple/Lemon)
  • 3. Red wine
  • 4. Jenever (Chocolate/Vanilla)
  • 5. Beer
  • 6. Sangria
  • 7. Nuts in a shot glass
  • 8. Kriek (Cherry-flavoured beer)
  • 9. Old jenever
  • 10. Beer (Duvel)


Date Name Time Vomit time
Apr 19th 2015 Gratis Kebabske 1:53 held it in
Nov 15th 2015 Lenz De Machien 1:57 held it in
Apr 29th 2018 Daan R. 3:05 held it in
Mar 29th 2015 Lenz De Machien 3:40 held it in
Mar 29th 2015 Gratis Kebabske 3:53 held it in
Nov 8th 2015 Brambeest 4:03 held it in
Apr 29th 2018 Filip Keppens 4:39 held it in
Nov 8th 2015 Marnicq 4:59 held it in
Mar 29th 2015 Pontifex Maximus 5:26 held it in
Nov 8th 2015 Siebe 5:47 held it in
Dec 10th 2017 Danny 6:20 held it in
Dec 17th 2017 Pinky Winky 6:30 held it in
Nov 1st 2015 Daan R. 6:38 held it in
Nov 1st 2015 Pinky Winky 6:43 held it in
Mar 22nd 2015 Tom P. 8:47 held it in
Apr 29th 2018 Kevin B. 9:56 held it in
Apr 29th 2018 Wout L. 13:39 held it in
Apr 29th 2018 2275 Represent 14:38 held it in
Feb 28th 2016 Sem 1:33 2:11
Nov 1st 2015 Siebe 3:25 4:54
Mar 29th 2015 Jackie Kaiser 4:36 4:36
Feb 28th 2016 Tommie 4:53 4:58
Mar 29th 2015 Emma Rosse Voenk 5:37 6:07
Mar 22nd 2015 Rubbi D. 7:38 7:56
Mar 8th 2015 Pallieter Halve Lieter 7:47 7:53
Mar 29th 2015 Simon S. 4:21 3:38
Nov 22nd 2015 Jezus 7:05 6:52
Mar 29th 2015 Pallieter Halve Lieter 7:06 6:30
Apr 19th 2015 Simon L. 7:30 6:22
Nov 22nd 2015 Klajd 9:29 7:29
Mar 22nd 2015 Ruben L. 10:34 10:03
Apr 29th 2018 Olivier Staumont 14:57 15:27
Nov 1st 2015 Stijn better luck next time
Apr 29th 2018 Sander Switsers better luck next time
Mar 29th 2015 Pallieter Halve Lieter better luck next time
Nov 22nd 2015 Jef better luck next time
Nov 29th 2015 Wina #5 better luck next time
Nov 29th 2015 Gratis kebabske better luck next time
Nov 22nd 2015 Gratis Kebabske better luck next time
Nov 22nd 2015 Siebe better luck next time
Nov 1st 2015 Alexander Marsboom better luck next time
Nov 1st 2015 Fabian better luck next time
Mar 29th 2015 Bèrke Pils better luck next time
Nov 1st 2015 Frituur Thomas better luck next time


Next Event

No event planned.


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Other upcoming events

Thomas Morus cantus song

This is the official Thomas Morus cantus song! Click here for a printable version.

Felix Nauwelaerts Wijze: ‘De Blauwvoet’.

1. Nu het lied van Thomas Morus
Nu een heftig drinkelied
Zing’t tot in de vroege uurtjes
Zolang men’t bier nog steeds uitgiet


Ei! Het lied der Thomas’ zonen
Met hun wilde kapriolen
Met blok A, den B, de C
Hef het glas nu met ons mee

2. O, hier zijn we nu gekomen
Als ancien of schachtje pril
Vriendschap is in ons gekropen
Omdat het hartje’t gaarne wil

Keerzang: ...

Klink het glas nu met ons mee

3. Hou de eer van Thomas steeds hoog
Denk aan’t pintje op het schild
Lest altijd uw dorst aan den toog
Stamp een lantaarn en doe eens wild

Keerzang: ...

Drink het glas nu met ons mee

Passed events


These are the official Thomas Morus hoodies! These hoodies are ordered in bulk once a year. This will be announced on Facebook and via posters throughout the buildings, so pay attention if you want a hoodie. There will be moments when you can come to the BOX and try out some different sizes, if you're not quite sure which one is right for you. These will also be mentioned on Facebook and the posters. You can view the hoodies below.

Price: € 30


IFB is short for 'interfacultaire beker' (interfacultary cup). Different sports teams from different faculties compete in several sports to see who's best.

This year Thomas Morus is competing in soccer and indoor football! If you are interested in participating, join the Facebook group, and we'll keep you posted about the training and upcoming matches!

24 Hour run results (2017)


  • 9th

Most laps

Wouter Van Praet

  • 35

Fastest lap

Michael Caubergs

  • 1:14



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Be friends with Thomas Morus! St. Thomas Morus has his own facebook account. Be friends to stay up to date with the latest news and activities! You can find the account here.

You can also visit the Thomas Morus page here.

Thomas Morus residence website

You can also visit the website of the residence of Thomas Morus for extra info. You can find the extra info here.